Title III

Closing the Education Gap in Appalachian Kentucky

The Academic Success Centers, located at the College Drive Campus in room G101 and at the Roberts Drive Campus in room 310, are dedicated to increasing student success rates through improving the advising process.

We are currently serving first time full time students who have at least one developmental course or are undecided about their Academic Plan in the following departments:

      Career Resource and  Job Placement Center

        Nancy Menshouse

        College Drive Campus 222C

        (606) 326-2199


      SI Group Sessions

        Chrisha Spears - Supplemental Instruction Specialist/        

        College Drive Campus 156A

        (606) 326-2425      Chrisha.Spears@kctcs.edu

      Peer Mentor Group Sessions   

      Faculty and Staff Advisor Training

        Karen George - Activity Director/Advising Specialist

        College Drive Campus

        (606) 326-2022


      For any questions, please contact: Ella Smith – Title III Administrative Assistant

        (606) 326-2031