Division of Social Sciences, Education and Business Technology

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Ashland, KY 41101-3617

Phone (606)-326-2053
Toll Free (800)-928-4256 ext. 62053

Division Chair: Molly Webb 
Email: molly.webb@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2231

Division Assistant: Janice Jenkins
Email: janice.jenkins@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2053


Nenna Bayes
Email: nenna.bayes@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2019  

Christopher Boggs
Email: christopher.boggs@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2482  

Jack Borders
Email: jack.borders@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2050

David Childress
Email: david.childress@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2004

Dan Cooksey
Email:  dan.cooksey@kctcs.edu
:  326-2136

Randolph Cullum
Email: rcullum0001@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2140

John Davis
Email: john.davis@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2498

Virgil Davis
Email:  virgil.davis@kctcs.edu
Phone:  326-2029

Kathy Edwards
Email:  kathy.edwards@kctcs.edu
Phone:  326-2203

Don Frailie
Email: don.frailie@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2025

Warren Howard
Email: warren.howard@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2138

Robin Johns
Email: rjohns0006@kctcs.edu 
Phone: 326-2253

C. Kumar
Email: Chandra.kumar@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2008

Don O’Pell
Email:  don.opell@kctcs.edu
Phone: 326-2217