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Diesel Technology

 Modern diesel engines require highly skilled mechanics to repair and maintain them. The diesel Technology program provides students with the skills needed to analyze malfunctions, repair, rebuild and maintain construction equipment, agriculture equipment, and medium and heavy trucks. Students are provided instruction and experience in systems such as diesel engines, fuel injection, onboard computers, transmissions, steering and suspension, and brakes.

Career Path

Most diesel mechanics and technicians are employed by independent repair shops and businesses such as truck sales and service, construction companies, mining companies, and state highway departments.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the college.

Program Length

This is a four semester program with two five-week classes to be taken in the summer semester (welding and undercarriage). Students can finish in four semesters to obtain the Medium and Heavy Truck Technician Degree.

Credentials Offered


  • Associate in Applied Science Degree-GOTS


  • Construction Equipment Technician
  • Agriculture Equipment Technician
  • Medium and Heavy Truck Technician


  • Construction Equipment Mechanic Helper
  • Diesel Air Condition Mechanic
  • Heavy Duty Brake Mechanic
  • Electrical/ Electronics Systems Mechanic
  • Diesel Engine Mechanic
  • Heavy Duty Drive Train Mechanic
  • Undercarriage Mechanic
  • Agriculture Equipment Mechanic Helper
  • Fluid Power Mechanic
  • Medium and Heavy Truck Mechanic Helper
  • Diesel Steering and Suspension Mechanic
  • Preventative Maintenance Mechanic
  • Mobile Air Conditioning Mechanic

More Information

Shannon McCarty, Instructor
(606) 326-2473