Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

 The IECE Program provides an understanding of the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of young children. Opportunities to apply this knowledge in practical experiences are incorporated in a curriculum that includes developmental ages and stages, health and safety, curriculum planning, assessment, and family involvement.

Career Path

This program offers a variety of choices for people seeking entry-level jobs as well as those who are currently employed in early childhood settings.

Employment opportunities are available in public and private preschools, early care educational settings, early intervention programs, Head Start, hospitals, campus child development centers, rehabilitation clinics, and recreation centers.

Classes can be transferred to four-year colleges and universities toward a baccalaureate degree in IECE or elementary P-K.

Admissions Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for this program.

Program Length

This program can be completed in two years.

Credentials Offered




Semester Plan 

More Information

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