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Supplemental Instruction Faculty Handbook (.pdf format)


Title III Information  

The Title III Closing the Education Gap in Appalachian Kentucky grant provides funds to pilot Supplemental Instruction (SI) for high risk developmental and general education courses.  The grant specifies that SI will be piloted as follows: 

year 2 in Developmental Writing and Developmental Math
year 3 in Writing I and Writing II
year 4 in Algebra, Biology, and Chemistry
year 5 in Psychology, Political Science, and History

The Title III grant provides funds for five SI leaders each semester.  These funds cover the cost of training the SI leaders, nine work hours weekly, and a semester stipend for working with SI Faculty.

In addition, the Title III grant provides funds for six SI faculty in their pilot year to attend training at the National Center for Supplemental Instruction training workshop in Kansas City, Mo. All SI faculty participating in the Pilot Year will also receive a stipend for the two semesters of their pilot year if they include Supplemental Instruction in their curriculum.