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All ACTC campuses will be closed as of December 20, 2014 and will reopen January 5, 2015 with normal operating hours. For more information on registering for classes please call our 24/7 Student Service Center at 855-2GO-ACTC.
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The ETS Profile Proficiency Test

All ACTC students applying for an Associate degree or diploma are required to take a nationally recognized exam as part of their graduation requirements.  ACTC has chosen the ETS® Proficiency Profile to evaluate the level of general education competencies attained.  This exam will not affect an individual student’s GPA however; failure to take the exam may result in the graduation process being stopped until the exam is taken.

Please note: Close all open applications except Internet Explorer before accessing the site. Turn off or disable all pop-up blockers. If a pop-up blocker is on it may interfere with the “Help” button on the assessment.  Make sure all updates have been completed on your computer prior to beginning the exam. (Also, you will want to download and print the PDF file of these instructions before you get started.)

The process takes 1 hour, more or less, to complete online.

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Run ETS Proficiency Profile System Check”.  There will be 4 questions; Location:  HOME and your name then run the system check.  Once completed look in the upper right hand corner and click on Home.  This will take you back to the screen where you can download the browser.
  3. Select “Download ETS Proficiency Profile Browser” to install
  4. Select “Download ETS Proficiency Profile Browser” once again
  5. Select  Save.  Select SAVE AS  and then choose your desktop.  Or you may try clicking the RUN and RUN again option without doing the systems check and downloading the exam;
  6. Session Number: 57511-8466901 (include the “-“)
  7. The Deadline for Fall 2014 graduates to complete the exit exam is November 30, 2014.
  8. If you are logging in for the first time, enter your e-mail address on the Login screen.  Click on the radio button next to “No, I have not logged in before” and then click Submit.
  9. Complete your personal profile.   All required fields are highlighted in Yellow.  This section asks for your ID number.  USE YOUR KCTCS STUDENT ID NUMBER.  Your ID # can be found on your schedule and student ID badge.  Complete the profile using your best judgment.
  10. As part of your personal profile you will be asked to create a password.  It can be any combination of letters and numbers.  If you forget your password, DO NOT create a new exam.  Contact Ella Smith at or at 606-326-2031 for assistanceDO NOT TAKE THE EXAM MULTIPLE TIMES!! If you have taken the ETS Proficiency Profile in the last two years contact Mrs. Smith for a copy of your exit exam results for the graduation packet.
  11. Click Start Online after completing the personal profile section. You will then be given the opportunity to read directions and complete a sample assessment to better familiarize yourself with the format of the ETS Proficiency Profile.  Click End/Exit once you have completed the sample assessment. Click OK on the dialog box that appears to confirm that you are finished with the sample assessment.
  12. Click Next to begin the timed assessment.  You will see the time remaining in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.  You now have 40 minutes to complete the 36 question exam.  You must complete the exam without interruption; you cannot stop the countdown clock once you’ve clicked the Next and began the actual exam.
  13. Ending the exam early:  If you attempt to exit before completing all of the questions you will be given two options:
    1. Return to the test – you may have time remaining and unanswered questions.  If time is remaining you are permitted to continue working on the exam.  Click Cancel to continue the exam
    2. Exit – if you click OK to Exit, you will exit the exam and the exam will be scored.  Once you do this you will not be permitted to return to the exam so make sure you have finished the exam before clicking OK to exit.  Neither ACTC nor the Helpdesk will be able to help you re-start the exam once you have exited and the exam is scored. 
  14. Completing Exit Evaluation QuestionsAfter completing the exam, you will be directed to a few Exit Evaluation Questions.  The evaluation questions are optional and do not affect your score.  However, we appreciate your taking the time to complete these questions which help us improve the testing experience.
  15. Click Exit once you have completed the assessment.  PRINT THE SCORE SHEET FOR INCLUSION WITH YOUR GRADUATION PACKET.
  16. Click Logout to exit the administration window and conclude the assessment. You’re all done! 

Additional Help:

If you encounter any problems, please contact ETS Technical Support by sending an email to:

You should receive a response within one (1) hour during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm EST.  If your e-mail is received outside of these hours, ETS will respond immediately the next business day.

Local support for issues such as forgotten passwords, clarification of instructions, etc., is available from Ella Smith in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness on the Technology Drive Campus in room 103.  Mrs. Smith may be contacted via phone - 606-326-2031, or email –

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