GED / Work Related Incentives

The Commonwealth of Kentucky stands ready to assist both employed GED students and the employers who offer them paid time off for study.

According to the Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL), employees can earn a tuition discount of $250 per semester (maximum four semesters) at a Kentucky public post-secondary institution. Their employers can receive a state income tax credit for a portion of the paid release time given to the employee to study for the GED. The credit is calculated at half the employee's hourly salary for release time, up to a maximum of $1,250.

This program applies to full-time employees who enter a learning contract with an adult education program and with their employer, and who earn a GED certificate within one year.

The employee must:

  • Have been out of secondary school for at least three years
  • Develop and complete a learning contract (DAEL 29)
  • Spend a minimum of five hours per week studying for the GED

The employer must:

  • Sign the learning contract (DAEL 29)
  • Allow the employee a minimum of five hours per week paid release time to study for the GED
  • The adult education program involved must:
  • Develop and sign the learning contract (DAEL 29)
  • Maintain and file attendance records (DAEL 30)
  • Provide appropriate assessment and instruction
  • Complete and file the final report (DAEL 32)